What Are The Benefits Of Contuo Standing Desk

  • Most of the careers these days include an eight-to-five China Adjustable Desk job that requires employees to sit down, look at the computer screen, and answer phone calls. However, sitting for long hours is certainly not good for the body and health in general. Various studies confirmed that long-hour sitting can lead to weight gain and obesity and are linked to several diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

    The good news is that many companies find ways to address this work problem that can compromise the employees’ health. One is the use of sit-to-stand desks or standing desks, which can be beneficial to health for a handful of reasons. How? Below are four some benefits that you can get from investing in a standing desk setup.

    A reduction in back pain

    Backaches and pain are common complaints among office workers. Lower back pain, is related to stress – both physical and psychological.

    Studies have shown that employees suffering from chronic back pain benefit greatly from standing desks. Another study published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showed that standing desks can reduce upper back and neck pain by as much as 54 percent in just a matter of four weeks.

    Of course, the reverse is also true. Once standing desks are removed, the benefits gained from flexible or height-adjustable desks can be reversed in just two weeks by going back to extended sitting.

    Boost Your Productivity

    One common concern among those interested in a standing desk is the ability to complete daily tasks such as typing or answering phone calls. Working while standing may take some getting used to, however, there has been no negative impact on daily activities reported by those using standing desks.

    The boost in mood and energy, as well as the reduction in back, shoulder, and neck pain, is likely to improve productivity and mental alertness. When the body as a whole is in better shape, it functions more efficiently and it can be reasonably expected that this would in turn boost productivity

    Increase Your Energy

    Using a standing desk helps create the movement you need to improve circulation and deliver oxygen to the brain, which will increase your energy and attentiveness.1

    Lose Weight

    Lose almost six pounds a year by standing instead of sitting for six hours a day. Standing burns 12% more calories than sitting.

    Improved mood and energy levels.

    Moving your body pumps fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, which releases mood-enhancing chemicals. Workers who received standing desks reported a significant improvement to overall mood within 7 weeks of using their sit-stand desks. Incorporating movement into the day promotes motivation, enthusiasm, and morale among employees.

    Standing is also a natural way to get a jolt of energy. 87% of employees reported increased energy levels and alertness when using a stand-up desk. So next time you feel your energy flagging before you reach for a fresh cup of coffee, try standing up!

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