I mained glad when the game came out.

  • -Crafting in this match is pretty simplistic, but I have as much fun with it. The proc system gives you that little chance of aion classic kinah endorphins every time it goes off. It's easy to understand what is beneficial, and it enriches the PvP experience by forcing you out in the shit.

    -Neighborhood is inherently poisonous due to the nature of war. This is not a game which defines friendship involving factions. Players getting possessed out in the field will be upset if you do not display face to lend a hand. Imagine being in the military and hiding in a trench the whole war instead of taking a few shots. People will get pissed off their faction mates for not showing around siege.

    I mean... you could read the replies in your queries in the positive and enlightening posts you mention. The cons are that it is very grindy and some areas become zerg fests. However, if you are into open world pvp which shouldn't bother you a lot. Aside from that... you've got wings and can fly (about a big-ass sun in the area, or so called Abyss, how cool is that).

    Aion is my most favourite MMORPG ever and when Gameforge attracts a classic variant to EU I will probably be paying any price for this. As it stands out, I won't be playing on NA since the combat is quite ping-reliant and that I take pleasure in the scout courses the most (Ranger and Assassin).

    I mean the largest pro and con is this really is a classic server. It is a game published in a time period where people had different expectations from their mmos. However, in addition, it has its shortcomings from that. People will be banking on using a classic experience, but additionally be distinct because the player base differs. See how min/maxed the raiding scene became in wow. On KR at least, there is a huge botting problem because the developed scripts for it still work. At the exact same time, Ncsoft certainly did not assist it using its monetization changes. Someone can make tens of thousands of accounts for bots and do not pay a penny with an hour free trial. They also introduced a battlepass with an additional paid option for 25 dollars that provide things that can assist you with progression.

    I mained glad when the game came out. Glad excels at AoE and knockdowns, one of the DP abilities is the AoE knockdown so they are not poor for team pvp, or fort sieges, they are sometimes very useful tactically. The extendable weapons are 100% the goal. They will increase your reach a fair piece, which makes it so much more difficult to kite you. I conducted bakarma about 70 times I believe, and never needed the spear drop. Though I managed to get lannok's, that was extendable but much less great. If I am recalling correctly as well, bakarma's spear does not have atk speed on it, and they did not allow weapon blending until 1.9 (memory is demanding of releases, but pretty sure that's true ) so it may feel fairly slow in comparison to euro aion classic buy kinah your previous weapon, that will most likely have atk speed.