Your crew, you and the boat could all end up at sea

  • The planks you need are dependent on RS gold the wood you use to construct your boat. The frame itself could be in three different sizes. You can choose from small, medium or large frames. Small frames cost 10k, medium frames 50k large frames are 100k, and medium frames 50k. After the frame is finished it is time to begin attaching the planks. For the final exterior of your boat, you will need approximately 100 planks. It is possible to add more boats to your collection as you progress in your level. You can expand the dimensions of your boat, or even buy more than one boat. You should think about it. You can have an entire fleet of boats under your control (if you're rich).

    Once you finish the outside of your boat, you need to work on the inside. You can pay a work crew to construct decks, crew cabins (Crews will be described in a later post) and other rooms (Most kinds of construction rooms). It is necessary to construct planks for this , and you can now use metal bars. The one thing you should have at all times is a wheel which comes in the frame. Once that is done it is time to begin building rooms by climbing down an incline. The small vessel (Formerly the frame) has one lower deck.

    Medium ships have two lower decks, whereas the larger ships can have three decks below. You can hire a crew if you want. They are similar to employees in the construction industry, but perform various tasks. They will require an engineer and cook. It is your responsibility to pay your crew money and provide them with crew quarters. Now you can keep your food, drinks and alchohal when you travel out to sea. When you head out to sea you cannot be attacked by other ships but you may be searched and stopped by a patrol vessel.

    The passengers will be escorted to your vessel to make sure you aren't smugiling weapons or people. You can have passengers that will be willing to pay up to 10k depending upon the size of the boat. You can land at any location in Runescape. BTW You CANNOT Summon Familiars or anything else. You cannot bring any pets on your vessel. If you take off your vessel and don't to it for a few days the vessel and crew will remain in the port. No one can board your vessel, your crew can't go away unless you fire them or do not pay them or they are unhappy with the conditions on the vessel - not enough food, or too small sleeping quarters etc.

    We'll now look at the mini-game. I'm still trying to choose a name, but I will be looking at some possible names. This is a risky mini-game. This is not a MULTI-COMBAT AREA! Example: You're traveling with three ships. There is a single armed ship. It is allowed only to be engaged by one of your vessels. The other two vessels will not be allowed to shoot at it board it or engage in any other way.

    Your crew, you and the boat could all end up at sea. You'll be searching for ships to destroy and that's what happens. The weapons you use will be bows and arrows as well as a dwarf cannon, catapultand mage, and you may even ask other players to come on board to assist you. You cannot teleport out. When you see another ship you can engage it. You can sink it , and allow your crew to search for the treasure. Imager36 made a great point about how to board enemy ships. You can take over an enemy vessel if there are crew members and other players aboard your ship. This cheap RuneScape gold will require greater agility levels, based on where you are boarding.