While I'm not intending to hurt the

  • "They then implemented rift aion classic kinah buying modifications, blah blah". It was true, but then the game's fucking stopped. It's been less than a month. Let it go. The players who came back for the tough OWPvPvE environment are likely to enjoy for a few days until it's broken once more.

    While I'm not intending to hurt the OP This is the reason I re-joined. Removal of this element of the game is what has ruined the fun of it for so many people.

    There are many games that let you play on a completely even playing field, without having to play anything. Let Aion Classic be the one you choose. Aion is: A fast-paced, hard-fought, brutal PvP environment in which every player who makes it to the limit of leveling up is an experienced, battle-hardened PvPer regardless of what they would like to be.

    People are eager to show off their accomplishments after spending hundreds to thousands of hours trying to achieve the ability not only to eliminate characters who aren't yet there, however, but also to measure their talents with those who have. Even if you're a to the second class at times, do not forget that the time for you to play will expire. If that's not your thing perhaps Aion Classic is not your choice? Not meaning that aggressively or confrontationally. Just trying to be honest.

    For reference, I'm currently at level 34 happy at the moment and find myself in pretty much shit all the time. I love the thrill of going on a hunt and I'm certain that I will one day be hunting more than I am running when I turn 40.

    It's true that I sense the appeal and appreciate that some people like. While I was a twink 10 years ago when I was playing and enjoyed it, my opinion has changed. Gaming has made cheap aion classic kinah me more relaxed, though that's not what I was hoping to achieve.