While there are some players on p2w

  • It's still relatively easy to play until late 30s and early 40s. There's not much difference between blue and cheap aion classic kinah white gear before that point. You won't notice the difference between 10 and 10 in a stat on an item because everyone is leveling and gearing as of now.

    The other thing is that currently all of the dungeons in the game can be completed in less than one hour. That means that if you're (gold) loot appears, you can get it but longer dungeons that will appear in the future cost you a subscription if you desire "the most effective" gear.

    Meeeeh I'm afraid that AION does not make a suitable game for people who are just beginning. It's too grindy and people who are familiar in the game will be familiar with all the mechanics and systems. This is why they are very stuff. It's also a 90% pvp game it's not fun losing your life completely.

    It was my fault when I wrote "i don't know anything about the Aion classic". I was referring to its commercialization. I played the game in 2009 and again on a p-server 2 years later. My question was about do people who pay 15 EUR per month be severely degraded when compared to someone who is paying significantly more? What's the amount of P2Win lol?

    I mean, at first sure. It's the same easy to use as the initial P2W release, but instead of buying kinah for a long time from goldfarmers, you can now purchase it from NCSOFT. If you're willing to spend between 15 or 500 dollars for it, you'll have complete coin gear leveling. Also, they get +15 with the most manastones. You can still win, however everyone will be grinding PvP gear. It is all about what level you're in, and how well you play. In particular, if you're playing others who are skilled.

    While there are some players on p2w The majority of whales in the Aion aren't aware of what to do with their money. They are just spending too much , and they don't end up doing any good. Aion is unique because you cannot just spend an enormous amount of money to make money. You need to spend smartly

    Do not agree. If you're trying to compete with seasoned veterans in the game , then you should also possess the experience and knowledge to work. If you'd like to feel the progression and buy aion classic kinah eu have fun with other experienced players, the current NA classic pve is a great choice.